Man Man
Woman Woman
CRP ultrasensitive
Candida serology
Glycated haemoglobin
Iron + saturation (IBC)
Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Vitamin E / Cholesterol
Uric acid
Oxidated LDL
Fatty acids profile
Casein - IgG

What does it test for ?

BasicCheck examines the parameters involved in systems linked to ageing (oxidative stress, hormone balances, etc.) and maps your biological status at a given point in time.
This is the first test that we recommend you perform from the Juvenalis range, as these initial tests will guide you towards any more targeted analyses. These second-line explorations are offered in the form of supplemental tests.

Who is it intended for ?

This test is intended for anyone, male or female, in any physical condition, with any lifestyle, who is concerned about their health, seeking to either maintain or improve it.

What does it examine ?

An individual’s state of health can be affected by a range of mechanisms: oxidative stress, micro-nutritional deficiencies, low-grade inflammation, metabolic or hormonal imbalances, etc. This initial analysis allows the activity of these various mechanisms to be evaluated.