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Juvenalis panels

Prescribing a Juvenalis test

Juvenalis tests can be performed at the patients request or be recommended by a practitioner. 

Which test should I prescribe if there are no symptoms?

The first-line Juvenalis test is BasicCheck.
This is the go-to test for your patient if they display no symptoms.
This is the test you will refer to for subsequent analyses prescribed at a later date.

If the BasicCheck reveals any anomalies, the results can guide you towards explorations using more specific analyses.

Which test should I prescribe if the results flag up health issues or if symptoms are diagnosed?

If results from the first-line BasicCheck test reveal health issues or symptoms that have already been diagnosed in the patient’s medical history, Juvenalis will recommend supplemental, specific tests.

With the exception of DermaCheck, the BasicCheck tests are not included in supplemental analyses. We strongly recommend combining a BasicCheck test with any other supplemental test to allow an optimal interpretation of the results.

These tests examine parameters in specific areas:

  • AgeCheck Womanand AgeCheck Man
    Explore metabolic balance to identify signs of premature ageing
  • DigestCheck
    Recommended for individuals experiencing digestive disorders
  • StressCheck
    Indicated for stress or physical strain
  • DermaCheck 
    Identifies deficiencies that are liable to accelerate ageing of the skin or alter skin protection mechanisms
  • NutriCheck
    Assesses nutritional status and identifies any nutrient deficiencies or excesses
  • OsteoCheck
    Analyses bone metabolism
  • WeightCheck 
    Identifies any deficiencies or excesses linked to weight
  • Sportify
    Examines parameters that influence an athlete’s performance

The NutritolTM tests identify food intolerances that may be responsible for various symptoms. They can be performed in addition to any other Juvenalis test.