How can I find a practitioner specialising in preventive medicine in my region?

With more and more practitioners taking an interest in preventive and anti-ageing medicine, you can obtain guidance from GPs, specialists in sports medicine, anti-ageing, aesthetics, dermatology, nutrition, diet, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, mesotherapy, etc.

So do not hesitate to make an appointment with your usual practitioner for guidance on a preventive medicine approach.

Can I have a test carried out without consulting a practitioner?

You can request a wellness test without consultation, but we recommend you receive guidance from a practitioner. They can help you to interpret the results, benefiting from their expertise, and establish appropriate preventive measures to take if needed.

What shall I do if there isn’t a laboratory partnered with Juvenalis in my region?

If this is the case, simply contact us and we will send you the contact details of a laboratory that can take your samples in your town.

Are wellness tests covered by my health insurance?

Examinations conducted as part of preventive health laboratory tests are not typically covered by a medical card. However, some private health insurance policies cover certain preventive examinations so please contact your health insurer for further information.

At what age is it recommended to perform a Juvenalis wellness test?

There is no recommended age for an initial wellness test.

If you are not yet following a preventive medicine approach, we recommend performing a BasicCheck, which, depending on the obtained results, will be used as your reference profile or, if the results flag up health issues, will guide your practitioner towards more specific analyses.

On the other hand, if you suffer from identified chronic disorders of unknown origin, you can perform BasickCheck plus a specific syndrome based panel.

With the exception of the DermaCheck, the BasicCheck analyses are not included in the supplemental panels. We strongly recommend combining a BasicCheck with any other supplemental test to allow an optimal interpretation of the results.

How are Juvenalis wellness tests carried out?

Full details are available here.