An apple a day keeps the doctor away !

Even if there is still truth in this adage, it will take more than an apple to keep us in optimal health these days. We all face constant aggressions, such as stress, consumption of junk and processed foods, lack of sleep, or chronic pains. These are further aggravated by physiological changes related to ageing, such as hormonal imbalances or weakened immune defences, which contribute to the natural ageing process. However, nowadays, everyone can take their health into their own hands, thanks to wellness testing, to ensure an optimal ageing process, maintaining the vital core balances of the body. With the advanced preventive health laboratory tests developed by our expert pathologists, Juvenalis opens the doors to wellness testing.

4P: The future of wellness

P for ...
Preventive: Diagnosing imbalances or deficiencies early, before symptoms appear
Predictive: Predicting the probability of a pathology arising
Personalised: Adopting a holistic approach, taking into account the individual’s personal, biological and medical histories
Participatory: The patient is at the centre of the approach and is therefore directly involved in the prevention and treatment actions offered to him or her

Laboratory tests and their role in ageing well

In this first dossier, learn about the importance of preventive health laboratory tests, the first key step towards maintaining optimal health.

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La biologie anti-age

Learn more about preventive health laboratory testing

Ongoing improvements in hygiene, as well as curative and preventive medicine, have allowed life expectancy to increase significantly. At the same time, a new discipline has been developing: wellness testing, also known as preventive health laboratory testing. This discipline studies the main biological factors behind cellular ageing. This allows practitioners to provide patients with personalised guidance and prevent the signs of ageing.

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From prescription of your wellness panel to receiving your results

Eurofins Biomnis is European leader in specialised clinical pathology testing. Day after day, the pathologists at Eurofins Biomnis contribute to a better prevention, earlier detections, highly accurate and rapid diagnoses, as well as a greater efficacy of therapeutic treatments.

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