Future Biology will be 4P

  • Preventive

    It allows the early diagnosis of imbalances or deficiencies before symptoms appear.

  • Predictive

    It estimates the probability of occurrence of a pathology.

  • Personalized

    It is addressed to the individual as a whole, with his or her personal, biological and medical history.

  • Participative

    The patient is at the heart of the approach and therefore fully involved in the prevention and treatment actions proposed to him or her.

Preventive panels

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MiniCheck is a first-line preventive biology assessment consisting of seven fundamental parameters. It enables the identification of possible harmful processes or deficiencies (macro- or micro-nutritional) that may become more serious over the years.

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Food intolerances

The 5 NutritolTM panels enables the identification of IgG-dependent food intolerances through the testing of 25 - 287 foods.

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Intestinal microbiota mapping test


Ageing Well Food

Optimising your weight: essential factor in ageing well

Sunday 07 July 2020

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All about the gut microbiota

Gone are the days when bacteria were considered the number one public enemy. For years, science has been interested in the role of the bacteria, fungi and other viruses that make up our intestinal flora, now well-known under the name…

Tuesday 21 September 2021

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Maintaining your microbiota through diet is possible!

The diversity and quality of our diet influence the balance of our intestinal microbiota by favouring the development of bacteria beneficial for the digestive system. Which foods should we choose? What are their impacts on microbiota? In adulthood, the composition…

Monday 7 June 2021

Biomnis Eurofins

Eurofins Biomnis is the European leader in the field of specialised medical biology. Day after day, the biologists at Eurofins Biomnis contribute to better prevention, earlier and earlier detection, finer and faster diagnosis.