Which preventive panel should I choose?

Juvenalis provides several types of wellness tests. Your practitioner will help you find the most appropriate one for you depending on your wellness objective.

The Juvenalis preventive panels help you to…

  • Reduce the effects of ageing (memory disorders, skin ageing, hormone imbalances, etc.);
  • Improve your lifestyle (stress, sport, diet, etc.),
  • Identify the root cause of a malaise (weight problems, depression, digestive disorders, etc.) or whether you have chronic or autoimmune diseases;
  • Prevent known hereditary diseases, or their complications, from occurring (e.g. cardiovascular disease);
  • Establish or pursue well-being.

Certain panels are designed to address specific needs according to the symptomology of the patient.

Preventive and ageing better panel – change

Juvenalis offers two first-line panels, MiniCheck and BasicCheck. All of the tests offered in these panels allow a comprehensive mapping of the main harmful mechanisms and may serve as guidance towards more targeted, syndrome-based analyses.

Practitioners use this profile to establish suitable nutritional or medical solutions.

Preventive analysis and symptoms of chronic problems

Sometimes, chronic problems (stress, being overweight, stomach ache, fatigue, etc.) have already been identified by the patient. The specific preventive panels Juvenalis can then be performed to explain symptoms for which, sometimes, no diagnosis has been given.
For example, when it comes to digestive disorders you can refer to different panels: a DigestCheck, or a food intolerance test.

In addition, some people may follow very restrictive diets that require a very precise monitoring of vitamins, trace elements and minerals so as not to develop deficiencies, and subsequently pathologies. For these people, we have developed various assessments allowing them to make all the necessary checks on their micronutritional balance, such as the VeggieCheck or the NutriCheck.