Frequently asked questions

Juvenalis panels

  • How do I choose the right Juvenalis panel for me?

    The Juvenalis range is made up of preventive health profiles designed to answer various questions about your health. On each Juvenalis panel webpage, you can find out who the panel of tests is aimed at and the type of information that the results will provide.

    However, if you are still having trouble choosing your assessment, please contact us.

  • How much do Juvenalis assessments panels cost?

    To get the price of each test, please contact us.

  • Are Juvenalis preventive health panels reimbursed by Private health cover if I have a prescription?

    Preventive health laboratory tests are not usually covered by social security schemes, but certain private health insurance companies do offer reimbursement. Contact yours today to find out if this is the case.

  • Do I need a prescription to have a Juvenalis panel performed?

    No, it is not necessary to have a prescription to carry out a Juvenalis assessment as they are preventive health screening tests. However, we strongly advise you to be accompanied by a health professional or a practitioner to provide additional advice and care.

  • How can I find a practitioner to accompany me on the Juvenalis journey?

    More and more practitioners are concerned by preventive and anti-ageing medicine: general practitioners, nutritionists, sports doctors, anti-ageing doctors, aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, dieticians, naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, mesotherapists … are all able to guide you in your preventive approach.

  • Can I perform a Juvenalis profile without being monitored by a practitioner or a health professional?

    Yes, you can perform a preventive health panels on an individual basis; however, we advise you to be monitored by a practitioner or health professional. He or she will give you the benefit of his or her expertise to interpret your test results and advise you on appropriate measures to take, if necessary.

Sample collection

  • How do I find a laboratory near me to take my sample?

    We work with different laboratories all around the world. Please contact us to have more information about laboratories in your country.

  • Should I fast before my sample collection?

    Yes, it is important that you do not eat or drink before sampling for your Juvenalis test panel.

  • What documents do I need to provide on the day of my test?

    It is best to bring your application form and your duly completed health questionnaire. They will facilitate registration at the laboratory and decrease your waiting time at the lab for sample collection.

My test results

  • How soon will I receive my results?

    You will receive your results in colour within 4 to 6 weeks, from sample registration at our laboratory.

  • How will I get my results back?

    Your results will be sent directly to you by post so please provide your exact postal address on the test request form to ensure speedy delivery.

  • Will my doctor receive my results?

    Your doctor will only receive your results if you have filled in his or her details on your test request form. If not, you have the option of bringing your copy to your next appointment.

  • What should I do if I have lost my results?

    If you have lost your results, please contact our customer service and we will send them to you again.

  • How do I interpret my results if I’m not being monitored by a health professional?

    When you receive your results, you will clearly see a comment/simple interpretation for any abnormal results. If you feel the need to have more information and advice, we advise you to speak with your GP, or to make an appointment with a doctor specialised in micronutrition. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.