Juvenalis your partner in preventive health

Juvenalis offers a new approach to laboratory testing used in preventive medicine. In addition to the first-line BasicCheck panel, Juvenalis offers specific tests that explore given symptoms.

What role does Juvenalis play in preventive medicine?

Juvenalis is a new arrival in preventive medicine. Our role is to offer you preventive health laboratory tests, which are first-line tests if there are no specific issues, or supplemental tests based on your patients’ symptoms.

The tests were developed by preventive health and anti-ageing experts from all over Europe, in collaboration with our expert medical pathologists.

Why should I prescribe Juvenalis tests?

Juvenalis takes an original approach to preventive health testing. It is personalised according to the patient’s profile and in particular, to any pre-existing symptoms.

As a first-line tests when there are no symptoms, MiniCheck and BasicCheck are your go-to tests.
These tests examine the various systems affected by biological ageing and are used to establish a reference profile for the patient according to their age and gender.

Who should I prescribe Juvenalis test for?

Preventive health laboratory tests can be prescribed for anyone, whatever their age or gender:

  • for preventive purposes, when there are no specific symptoms,
  • to look for a cause for diagnosed chronic symptoms.

How do I prescribe Juvenalis tests?

Juvenalis tests can either be prescribed by you or requested individually by the patient.

However, we recommend that patients receive guidance from a health practitioner when having tests performed. It is your expertise that will allow them to choose the appropriate test and introduce preventive measures if necessary.