Our preventive panels

The Juvenalis® preventive health panels, developed by our experts, consist of several assessments using a syndromic approach, food intolerance tests and a test for mapping intestinal microbiota

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OxyCheck estimates the level of oxidative stress in progress in the body and also monitor the evolution of oxidative stress during and after therapeutic treatment.

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MiniCheck is a first-line preventive biology assessment consisting of seven fundamental parameters. It enables the identification of possible harmful processes or deficiencies (macro- or micro-nutritional) that may become more serious over the years.

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The BasicCheck is a first-line preventive biology assessment. Carried out on a blood sample, it provides an inventory of your health through the testing of relevant biological markers.

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FertiCheck Woman

FertiCheck Woman is intended for women who want to conceive and wish to be helped optimising their fertility.

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FertiCheck Man

The FertiCheck Man allows a preliminary exploration of the biological status of man, by examining the levels of nutrients necessary for optimal fertility.