FertiCheck Man

The FertiCheck Man allows a preliminary exploration of the biological status of man, by examining the levels of nutrients necessary for optimal fertility.


What is the FertiCheck Man?

(Micro)nutrient supply from a varied diet is one of the key elements in ensuring optimum sperm quality. Dietary adjustments may therefore sometimes be necessary to enable men who wish to become a father to optimise their fertility.

This assessment allows a preliminary exploration of the man’s biological status by examining the levels of nutrients required for optimal fertility.
Your nutritional needs as a father-to-be can be evaluated and will allow your practitioner to define with you a possible adapted and specific supplementation.

What can we expect from FertiCheck Man?

For several years now, fertility has been declining in Western countries, and the nutritional impoverishment of food, as well as the excessive intake of unbalanced “junk food”, are not unrelated to this phenomenon.
By exploring your nutritional and micro-nutritional profile, specific needs and/or imbalances that need to be corrected can be identified in order to ensure optimal fertility.

From this point of view, the FertiCheck Man panel, which consists of the most relevant markers, can help to avoid blind supplementation, which is often unsuitable or even potentially harmful, and instead focus on the specific intake of defined micronutrients.

Who is the FertiCheck Man assessment for?

This check-up is intended for all men who want to become fathers, and is particularly useful for accompanying any supplementation:

  • before, in order to fulfil the needs identified,
  • during, in order to monitor its effectiveness,
  • afterwards, to check its benefits.


CRP Ultrasensitive, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Homocysteine, Coenzyme Q10, Erythrocyte fatty acid status

More information on FertiCheck Man

Why does the FertiCheck Man profile include these parameters specifically?

FertiCheck Man combines test parameters which are essential for the optimisation of male fertility, from spermatogenesis to fertilisation. It contains the results of the following assays:

  • Ultra-sensitive CRP, an elevation of which reflects the existence of low-grade inflammation, which is always deleterious, especially in this context;
  • Magnesium, a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions and involved in the fundamental epigenetic processes at various stages of cell multiplication that accompanies spermatogenesis, capacitation and fertilisation;
  • Trace elements copper, zinc and selenium, as well as vitamins A and E, players in the anti-oxidant protection, necessary in dealing with the major oxidative stress that accompanies these early stages of reproduction;
  • Homocysteine, a major player in the methylation processes essential to cellular metabolism, the level of whichmay reflect a deficiency in vitamins B6, B9 or B12;
  • Coenzyme Q10, a fundamental antioxidant of the body and protector against free radical attacks;
  • Different fractions of the erythrocyte fatty acid profile, making it possible to assess the impact of lipid intake on the balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), a fundamental component of the sperm acrosome.

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