This assessment assesses your essential mineral status.

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What is the Minerals test panel?

A mineral deficit or overload can lead to significant imbalances and be the cause of fatigue and stress. Regular follow-ups before taking any dietary supplements can be useful in order to understand what your body needs.

What can we expect from the results of the Minerals profile?

Minerals are essential, so deficiencies, which are sometimes clinically silent, can lead to significant metabolic imbalances. This assessment allows you to take stock of your mineral status.

Who is the Minerals profile for?

This report is intended for people who are:

  • Following a specific diet and wishing to check the absence of deficiencies;
  • Suffering from fatigue, stress or repeated infections;
  • Wishing to take supplements according to their actual needs;
  • Taking supplements and wish to verify the evolution/improvement of their mineral status.


Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Iodine

More information on minerals panel

Why does the Minerals panel include these test parameters?

The Minerals profile suggests the correct dose of the main minerals, essential for the proper functioning of physiological metabolisms, enabling more specific, additional exploration according to the potential deficiencies observed.

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