Interpreting Juvenalis tests

The Juvenalis report is comprised of three sections:

  • Visual overview of the results
  • Analysis of the parameters assayed, compared against their reference values
  • Overall interpretation of the test by a Juvenalis expert in medical and preventive biology.

In addition to these summaries, the full report and raw data of the laboratory tests are included.

What level of interpretation do the tests provide?

The tests provide an overview of the results, and then a parameter-by-parameter analysis, indicating whether the patient’s levels are normal, borderline or indicate a health issue.
The results can highlight potential needs, but it is up to you, the practitioners, to propose appropriate preventive measures.

Can I contact Juvenalis experts for additional information about the tests?

The contact details for our expert biologists are provided in the results report.

They are available to answer your questions, but they are no substitute for your expertise when it comes to your patients.