Prescribing a Juvenalis test

Juvenalis tests can be performed at the patient’s request or be recommended by a practitioner. 

Which test should I prescribe if there are no symptoms?

The first-line Juvenalis test is BasicCheck.
This is the go-to test for your patient if they display no symptoms.
This is the test you will refer to for subsequent analyses prescribed at a later date.

If the BasicCheck reveals any anomalies, the results can guide you towards explorations using more specific analyses.

Which test should I prescribe if the patient has symptoms ?

The Juvenalis range is very broad. According to your patient’s symptoms, you can choose between panel or unit analyses.

You can choose from 12 panels:

  • MiniCheck and BasicCheck are the recommended first-line check-ups. Composed of markers of oxidative stress, low grade inflammation and (micro)nutritional status, it allows an initial check-up of the state of health.
  • AgeCheck Woman and AgeCheck Man are designed for patients wishing to take stock of their health as part of an “anti-ageing” approach.
  • DermaCheck is a basic dermatological health check, designed to support the preservation of beautiful skin.
  • DigestCheck is intended for all patients suffering from functional intestinal disorders, often of unexplained origin: the proposed check-up may provide other avenues to explore, or support a corrective action already initiated.
  • FertiCheck Woman and FertiCheck Man are designed for people wishing to optimise their fertility.
  • NutriCheck has been specifically designed for patients who are concerned about nutrition and weight control.
  • VeggieCheck is intended for people who practice a vegetarian or vegan diet and wish to monitor whether their micro-nutritional status is impacted by their diet.
  • Minerals allows to take stock of mineral deficiencies (iron, iodine, copper, etc.).
  • Vitamins allows to take stock of vitamin deficiencies (A, B1, B2, C, D, etc.).

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