Taking samples for a Juvenalis test

Juvenalis tests are packaged in a kit containing the equipment, sampling protocols and test request form required to take the patient’s samples correctly.
The health questionnaire available for download should be filled in by the patient and sent to us alongside the samples.

How do I have the Juvenalis kits delivered to the laboratory?

Preferably, the Juvenalis test samples will be taken by appointment, so they can be taken under optimal conditions.

When arranging an appointment, if you do not have the kit necessary for taking the samples, contact us.
The kit will be delivered free of charge within three days.

How should we welcome a Juvenalis patient at the laboratory?

We encourage patients to arrange an appointment with your laboratory in order to schedule when the samples are taken, which will allow you to order the relevant Juvenalis kit.

Each kit includes:

  • The main tubes required for taking the samples,
  • A test request form,
  • The protocol specific to the kit,
  • A catalogue of Juvenalis’ analyses.

Upon registering a patient, you must:

  • Fill in and have the test request form signed,
  • Collect or have the patient fill in the health questionnaire,
  • Pay the cost of the analysis.

All of these documents are available for download.

How are the results provided?

The results (copies for the patient, laboratory and the prescriber, only if a registered doctor) will be available as a pdf in your personal area in Biomnis Connect.